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PRIVATE [08 Mar 2011|07:36pm]
"oh. wow. i didn't eat for three days so i could be lovely."

[31 Aug 2009|01:22am]
hey hey hey i made a community for my icons so you can now find 'em at zetuslupetus

so yeah if you have me added for that or like my rahtarded animated icons (and prob still ones too now) then JOIN!!!! k thanks <3

oh and if anyone of y'all wanna be a maker lemme know and i will consider it cuz i am very elite~~
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send it on behind the scenes gif icons [29 Aug 2009|12:38am]

send it on on and on just one that can heal anotherCollapse )
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HAY KARINA [27 Aug 2009|01:18am]

in conclusion i will never be a cinematographer
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[25 Aug 2009|12:29am]
HAPPY BIRTHDAY massmediakid31

ik you don't log on here anymore but i am saying this from every social networking site and ILY BIG SIS <333
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hell yeah more tswift gif icons [23 Aug 2009|05:07pm]
yeah okay i can get a little trigger happy so i made like 100 more icons. sorry irl friends just ignore this. i know you already know i am a freak anyway.

extremely homosexual lucas till invites you inCollapse )
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oh sup tswift gif icons [19 Aug 2009|10:41pm]
bitches introduced me to vlc and now this has consumed my life so here are a bunch of tswift animated icons and idk there are some other people in there too


i am gonna be making more of her from her myspace vids and probably ybwm and the making of ybwm but if there are any other specific video you want to see icons from please comment with them :-)
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bandslam gifs [15 Aug 2009|10:38pm]
ignore this if ydc but this movie is amazing, y'all should go see it.

if it wasn't for you i would never be who i amCollapse )
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[30 Jul 2009|01:48am]
oh hay i went to some jb concerts or just two but only one i good pics from so i am posting them here. and by good i mean joe looks kind of retarded.... oh and i can use this icon 'cause if i use it elsewhere someone will probably murder me.

bffs eternally i'm not bitter~*Collapse )
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[23 Jun 2008|09:43pm]
week long bash starts today at my house!!!!!

in other news i went to warped got a backstage/photo pass for the contest but the second we got backstage we were lick fuck this contest. and just went to the front of the stage and watched bands and took pix and hung out backstage. and i got mic raped by j*. and brian got his pic taken by max from say anything on his camera phone cuz he looked like his friend. LOL. amazing.

oh and briesca has a new video up!!!
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maybe i'll make my journal public again [08 Jul 2006|05:03pm]
warped was amazing
gym class heroes owns my soul
i am going again on the 12th with kelsey
and it'll just be more amazing
maybe i will post pics later idk i have some on myspace
lmao myspace
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