jenny schecter (supernovagrrrl) wrote,
jenny schecter

oh sup tswift gif icons

bitches introduced me to vlc and now this has consumed my life so here are a bunch of tswift animated icons and idk there are some other people in there too

i am gonna be making more of her from her myspace vids and probably ybwm and the making of ybwm but if there are any other specific video you want to see icons from please comment with them :-)
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omg this made me laugh sm
omg the koala one LOL
saving one!
lol at the cat
lmao that is my fave
i like how its just randomly thrown in there
oh yeah, i took this one
These are cute.
OMG i love these

I will be back with videos for you. I just got home.

But yes you need to do some from the ybwm with me video and making :)

on the set of white horse (i really dont know what parts lol)
on the set love story
on ellen when she meets justin
this video, the part where taylor flashes the money
at the end when she says it's the highlight of her senior way. Good crying GIF!

um i think that's it for now! That's all i could think of lol
no problem! lol
lol i love all of these

i'm taking some of lucas bb <33
Oh my gosh, these are wonderful!
Can you possibly just make large gifs? I can NEVER find any of her other than ones from music videos!

Great job, again! <3
Awesome, thank you so much! xD
lmao these are awesome, snagging a few.
haha so cute
I want to make one too

Deleted comment

aw hey i remember you from t2mc and added you back :)