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supernovagrrrl's Journal

jenny schecter
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"you know when you're in a dream and you are like 'please don't make this be a dream' but you know you're dreaming and you don't wanna wake up but then you wake up and you get pissed off 'cause you woke up and it was just a dream"

90210, babs, being awkward, bri of briesca, cassie ainsworth, champagne cocktails, cmt&gac, crazy ex-gfs, dollywood, donna martin graduates, dora tha explora, fearless!!!, free paris!, gettingmynailsdid!, hbic brenda walsh, hbic dolly parton, hi5z, ilikedvd, jobros06, kewl, krysta now, lovelovelove, lovers&friends, meeting philt, mmmbop, not dlov, ocgasmz, pariscarriage!, pink&yellow, queer culture 07, ranlam, rbils, robbing the craddle, running in circles, shotguns, skankingitup08, team b!, the south, tn + nc, troop bh, tswift forever&always, vegitales!, walmart supercenter, weird indie movies, writing bad songs, zenon!!!